Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summoning Bloopers

I'm currently working on a Summoner class for my game. It's loosely based on the Spiritualist Iron Heroes Class as well as the various evil magic users from Call of Cthulhu, Conan, etc. As such, I've come up with the following "accidents" that can occur as a result of a failed summoning. Anyone have any additional ideas?

- All dressed up and nowhere to go: Nothing happens
- Wrong Number: The Summoner has learned a new entity glyph for his codex. The DM must randomly determine whether or not the protective circle works against this particular entity.
- Temporarily Out of Service: The Summoner is unable to make any more summoning attempts, nor is he able to use any pact abilities for 1d4 turns for each rank of the intended summoning attempt.
- You and what Army?: Good News: The summoning Worked! Bad News: The protective circle didn't.
- I did a very bad thing: You summoned an entity far more powerful than one of your skill should have even ever attempted. You also get the impression that it's not happy to see you.
- With powers like these: The summoning not only failed, but resulted in a magical backlash dealing 1d4 damage per rank of the entity that would have been summoned, to anyone within 10' of the summoning circle.
- Snooze Button: The summoning did work, but the entity doesn't show up for 1d6 turns per rank.
- Nuke from orbit. It's the only way to be certain: You've managed to summon a highly infectious disease. Maybe they'll name it after you.
- It has your eyes: You summoned an immature version of the entity you meant to summon. Remove 1d3 spells from the entity's repertoire.
- Knock, knock: Instead of summoning an entity, you've created a gateway to the realms beyond. Only the DM knows how long it will remain active.
- Called to the principal's office: Instead of you summoning an entity, an entity has instead summoned you.

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