Monday, April 25, 2011

My Dragon is Bigger than Your Dragon

I now know exactly how this group feels.

   Today I received a package of a sizable horde of Dark Ages vikings/franks from Mike over at Swords and Dorkery. To give myself a better sense of scale, I brought out my "Huge" Red Dragon(advertised as being used as a Young Adult, but capable of being used to represent Adults and Mature adults as well b/c of the size of the base) and stuck it next to the horde.
"Cool" thought I, "this must end up being the equivalent of an older dragon."
 Wanting to find out which age category, I marched off to the kitchen in search of some string. Upon returning, I took measurements of tail and body length, threading and taping when necessary to get as close to exact as I could. Then I flipped open my 2nd edition MM.
 2nd edition dragons are apparently bigger than 3rd edition ones, because even when looking at as a 1/72 scale model, it rates only as 2nd age category(Young).
  I hope to have pictures of the newly acquired minis tomorrow(just have to find the cord that allows me to get pics off my cheap digital camera, failing that, I'll have to use my Laptop's webcam).

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