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Goblinoid tribes of the Dorr region

While there are other tribes in the region, these are the ones that are the largest or most entrenched in the region.
  • The Bree-Yark(goblin): The tribe native to the caves of chaos and the wildwood, this tribe is better described in the Keep on the Borderlands and its sequel(Return to the Keep on the Borderlands). The only major changes being that they will willingly trade with those who come to the caves, and a significant portion of the tribe's strength hires out to others as mercenaries or goes to other tribes as merchants. They have a reputation as misfits of the goblinoid tribes, as many goblins who couldn't make the grade in their birth tribes tend to join up with the Bree-Yark. If a group encounters a small number of goblins in the Dorr region, the likely scenario is that it's a "merchant" party of Bree-Yark(which is indistinguishable from a raiding party, as these goblins are as likely to attack for purpose of gaining more trade items as they are to try to trade).
  • The Brambles(goblin): Native to the Stinking Mire on the shores of shadebrook, the Bramble tribe is noted mostly for their distinctive form of dress. Each warrior in the tribe wears wooden spiked leather armor, a small spike covered shield, and carries spiked clubs and barbed javelins(or short bows with wickedly barbed arrows) into battle. In addition to this, the tribe is fond of rubbing mire adder venom onto the pointy bits of their weapons and armor. They are the most reclusive of the goblin tribes in the region, and nobody, not even the Bree-Yark knows where their hidden village(assuming there's only one) is located within the Mire.
  • The Knockers(goblin): The knockers are generally referred to by humans as the "mountain goblins" and make their lair somewhere deep in the Iron Peaks. There they operate the largest mining operation in the region. Easily over 1,000 goblins and slaves taken from any species they can get them from(except dwarves) delve deep into the mountains for precious ores, minerals, and gems. The Bree-Yark and Redcaps are their primary trading partners, thus making them a favored target of the Red Hands tribe.
  • The Redcaps(Hobgoblin): The most powerful of the Hobgoblin tribes in the region, the Redcaps are feared and hated by most. They regard themselves as the true masters of the area, even going so far as to hiring humans to act on their behalf within the various human settlements. To support themselves, the Redcaps have set up various toll(extortion) locations along the stone road. This puts them at odds with human merchants and bandits, and is a major reason for the decline of the region's trade viability. The tribe got its start during the great war where they served as mercenaries for the Eastern Witch Lords, gaining their name from the fact that their helmets are decorated with the bloody scalps of fallen foes. Since then they've become the dominant slave traders in the region. Over the last 20 years however, the tribe has faced some serious setbacks. The tribe first attempted to make a base for themselves in the Wailing Wood, but whatever dwells within took offense to their presence and decimated the tribe. Following this, a strong willed Bugbear slave managed to organize a small rebellion, leading to the creation of a tribe of ex-slave Bugbears called the Red Hands. Following this, the tribe made its home in the Wolfwood. Recent troubles and losses to the wolves of that region may mean the tribe must once more find a new home if no solution can be found.
  • The Bone Blade(Hobgoblin): Formerly the best source of humanoid muscle for those looking for mercenaries, the Bone Blade tribe is now nearly extinct. A Dark Divinate cult has ousted them from their initial lair in the Caves of Chaos, killing the majority of females and young. Only a handful of Bone Blades now remain. The Bone Blade tribe is named for the bone edged daggers each warrior of the tribe carries. These daggers are used to sacrifice prisoners to the Hobgoblin deities, as well as in the various bloody rituals and combats that make up the tribe's culture.
  • Red Hands(Bugbear): Normally an underdark dwelling race, the Red Hands are one of the two bugbear Cetes to make their home on the surface in the region. Led by an unusually strong bugbear warrior(it's said that their leader can fight toe to toe with ogres and come out victorious), the tribe is known to be the most brutal and bloodthirsty of the goblinoid tribes in the region. Unlike a normal Bugbear Cete, the Red Hands have no young or females present. Whether this is just because they are kept well hidden or that they are not a true cete is unknown. The Redhands all have stained their hands red. While some claim that the stain is from the blood of their enemies, survivors who have studied the corpses of slain bugbears of the Red Hands have determined that the stain comes from a noxious oil. It is believed that this oil is a by-product of the drug that the Red Hands manufacture to cause them to go berserk in battle. If the Red Hands have trade, it's kept secret and hidden from all others. If the Red Hands keep up their raids on other humanoids, it will likely not be long before the other races band together to wipe them out.
  • The Dark Cave Cete(Bugbear): One of the oldest and most respected tribes in the region, the Dark Cave Cete are a spiritual clan of Bugbears dwelling in the Caves of Chaos. Following the recent intrusion of a Dark Divinate cult in the region, the Dark Cave Cete now seeks allies to push these interloping humans from the caves. The vast majority of the displaced and nearly extinct Bone Blade Tribe now lives and works for the Dark Caves.

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  1. Wow! Very nice work. I love the diversity among the tribes. The leader of the Red Hands must be a scary SOB!