Friday, June 24, 2011

N/PC Friday: Kara the Fairy Queen

Because the individual who writes the blog 5 Stone Games asked, here's a fairy Queen

Name: Queen Kara of Caer Tan
Race: Pixie
Class: None   Level: 0
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 90     Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 2'2"/26 pounds
Hair/Eye/Skin: Silver/Violet/pale without looking unhealthy

Ability Scores:
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 7
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 19

Movement: 6, Fly 12(B)
AC: 4
HP: 2
THAC0: 20

Savings Throws:
Poison, Paralyzation, & Death Magic: 16
Rods, Staves, & Wands: 18
Petrification and Polymorph: 17
Breath Weapon: 20
Spell: 19

Special Abilities: Magic Resistance: 25%; Spell abilities(1/day as 8th lvl Mage): Polymorph Self, Know Alignment, Dispel Magic, Dancing Lights, ESP, Otto's Irresistible Dance. Create Illusions with audio and visual components, and cause confusion by touch.

Equipment: A whole lot of stuff, she's a queen after all!

Languages: The languages of all creatures native to a woodland habitat, including the languages of natural animals.

 Once every 1,000 years or so, a young girl of a woodland humanoid(Human, Elf, Goblin, Pixie, Sprite etc) race is born of surpassing beauty and grace. On the eve of her 4th birthday, a group of fairies steals her away from her birth home, and leaves a changeling in its place. The child is then taken to a location only known to fairies(Pixies, Nixies, Sprites, Grigs, Atomies, Gremlins, etc.) and transformed into the Fairy Queen. The type of fairy she turns into determines the course of fairy-dom until the next Queen is born. Thus, if a Fairy queen becomes a sprite, fairy-kind leans towards good and is helpful towards other races, if she becomes a gremlin, fairy-kind becomes mean and spiteful.
  The current fairy Queen is Kara. She is small and frail, even by Pixie standards, but she wields immense power. Despite her age of 90, she is still considered a fairly young fairy queen. As such her abilities have not fully developed. As it stands, she relies mostly on her aides and advisers to make sure things run smoothly.

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