Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Class: Trader

The Trader class has been presented at least twice in D&D, the first being the Dark Sun version from the supplement Dune Trader, and the second being the Guilder class from the Birthright expansion Havens of the Great Bay. This class isn't just any old merchant on the street hawking his wares at all who pass, but a class for the merchants who brave the goblin infested mountain passes and dare to cross the high seas and great deserts of the world in pursuit of profit. It's the class for the diplomatic trader who goes into the territories of others and negotiates trading deals with races normally inimical to the trader's society.

Rogue Sub-class: Trader
Ability Requirements: Intelligence 10, Wisdom 8, Charisma 12
Prime Requisites: Intelligence, Charisma
Races: Human(U), Half Elf(12), Dwarf(12)
Alignments: Any
Proficiency Groups: All

  • Weapons Allowed: Any
  • Armors/Shields Allowed: Any
  • Thieving Abilities: The trader starts off with the following thieving abilities modified by race, armor(for heavier armors see Complete Thieves' handbook), and dexterity. He gains no points to spend to improve these abilities at first level. At second level, and every level thereafter, he gains 20 points to divide among the abilities, with no more than 10 points going into any 1 ability. Additionally, no skill may be raised over 80%. Pick Pockets: 15%; Open Locks: 10%; Find/Remove Traps: 5%; Move Silently: 10%; Hide in Shadows: 5%; Detect Noise: 15%; Climb Walls: 60%; Read Languages: 20%
  • Bonus Modern Language proficiency slot at every odd level.
  • Influence Reactions: Like a ranger or bard, a trader may influence the reactions of NPCs. In order to use this ability, the trader and the target NPC must share a common language. By speaking to the individual NPC for a round, the trader forces the NPC to make a saving throw vs. Death with a -1 penalty for every 3 levels of the trader. A failed save indicates that the trader may change the reaction by 1 category step.
  • The Trader may set up his own trading company(stronghold). The Trader gains 1d3 individuals, determined by the DM at each level, starting at 10th level. These individuals are those who seeks to achieve their fortunes by working for the Trader. They may be of any race or class. The Trader may bring no more than 1 of these individuals for every 2 levels he possesses with him when adventuring.

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