Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Open Locks and Update

 Been busy with various dungeon23-esque prompts this year, but I can't post most of it because my players look at this blog. Also, due to playing location constraints, I've been limited on what and when I can actually RP. Mostly just been working on my various Warhammer, Warcry, and Kill Team models and terrain.

Did have a random thought the other day though, pertaining to the the Thief's Open Locks skill:

RAW it takes a Thief 1d10 rounds to make an open lock attempt.  I think I'm going to start allowing thieves in my games to choose to speed up the process by risking their tools, requiring an item saving throw vs Crushing Blow to get the job done in one round. If the save is passed, they can make the Open Locks roll as normal. If the save is failed, the pick breaks and it counts as a failed attempt to open the lock.