Sunday, August 8, 2021


Still finding it hard to breathe, but here is some content to hold people over.

Requirements: Str 12+, Con 9+, Wis 13+, Cha 17+
Prime: Str, Con
Races: Human(U)
Alignment: CE only

- The Anti-Paladin is Immune to Fear
- The Anti-Paladin receives a +2 bonus to Saves.
- The Anti-Paladin possesses an Aura of Fear. All those entering it, must make a Save vs RSW or be affected as per the Fear Spell. The save is penalized by 1 pt for each mutation the Anti-Paladin Possesses.
-  The Anti-Paladin starts the game with a single mutation. If mutations are rolled for, the Anti-Paladin gets to roll twice and the player can pick the better result. Additional mutations can be gained during play as a reward from his patron for major accomplishments.
- The Anti-Paladin gains a corrosive touch 1/day.  Objects touched should make an item save vs. acid or be corroded and destroyed. Liquids should foul and turn poisonous. Living creatures should be afflicted by a weak poison of some kind(determined by DM, but type K or P would be appropriate).
- At 4th level, the Anti-Paladin may quest for a demonic companion.
- At 9th level, an Anti-Paladin with a Stronghold attracts a body of fighting men exactly like a Fighter, but all the men attracted are of CE alignment.
- At 9th level, the Anti-Paladin gains the ability to cast spells, just like a paladin. His spheres of access are Combat, Healing(reversed), Necromantic, and Sun(reversed).
The limitations of a Anti-Paladin include:
- The Anti-Paladin must sacrifice a number of living creatures to his patron each month.  This can be HD per level or even a percentage of his XP in HP depending on what is appropriate. This is why a lot of Anti-Paladin take up lives as slavers.
- The Anti-Paladin may never turn down a direct challenge. By and large, as long as the blood and souls flow, the demonic powers he serves don't give a rat's ass about him. They do however expect their champions to be the strongest(as they rule through strength and intimidation), and as such, they may never turn down a formal challenge. The Anti-paladin is totally allowed to use any dirty, underhanded tricks he wants, but he has to accept the challenge.
- The Anti-Paladin must remain chaotic evil. His patrons aren't as stickler over violations as the forces of law and good are(after all, the road to the abyss is often paved with good intentions), but an Anti-Paladin who changes away from CE does lose all his non-mutation powers. His former patron is also likely to send Anti-Paladin aspirants after him to regain what goodies the character may still possess. Then again, there's a good chance the Anti-paladin's demonic companion may just pull him straight into the abyss to have a chat with his former boss.
- The resurrection survival chance is reduced as if the Anti-Paladin had a con score half(rounded down) what he actually does. His patron is loathe to give back useful souls.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cooking Part 1: Hunger

For this system I am using the Fatigue system from Combat & Tactics/Spells & Magic and the starvation system from Wilderness Survival Guide.
Every character has a Hunger Track:
- Overfed: -1 to initiative and surprise checks, as well as to saves to resist sleep effects. +1 to fatigue level.
- Well Fed: Potential Food Bonus for a period of time.
- Fed: Normal. No changes.
- Peckish: +1 to initiative and surprise checks. 
- Hungry: -1 to saves vs. mental affects.
- Famished: -1 to initiative and surprise checks, as well as all saving throws. +1 to fatigue level.

A character with a normal human metabolism goes down one category every hour while awake(1 every 2 while asleep). Additionally, a player can chose to go down category at any time to give himself an automatic success at some action. 
Hunger categories are regained by eating snacks and meals. A snack restores 1 level of hunger. A meal restores 1 level per size(light 1 step, avg 2 step, Hvy 3 step) but also provides immunity to hunger drain based on what was eaten.
The amount is determined by race:
- Human, Dwarf, Halfling, 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Orc: Snack: 1-2 portions. Meal: Lt: 3, Avg: 4, Hvy: 5+ portions
- Elf, Gnome: Snack: 1 portion. Meal: Lt: 2, Avg: 3, Hvy: 4+ portions
- Half Ogre: Snack: 2-5 portions. Meal: Lt: 6-7, Avg: 8-9, Hvy: 10+ portions

A ration as per that found in the PHB has 15 portions per day. All food is further divided into 5 categories: Grain, Protein, Dairy, Fruit, and Vegetables.

Thursday, I'll get into what more of this means, but I'm still trying to work things out for Carnivorous PCs.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

I must write

I want to get back into working on this blog, but it is difficult when one is having to type everything out on a phone. This post is mostly an attempt to get myself psyched up and organized for what I want to write about for the next couple of weeks. My current goal is to start posting on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule just to get myself back into it.

 I've been going through my blog roll over the last few weeks, rereading what they have written over the years, and then clicking on their links and blog rolls and reading what those people wrote.

I'm also that idiot who plays games like Skyrim and Minecraft with mods that focus on immersive survival like Frostfall and TerraFirmaCraft. 

To this end, I want to add Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue, Stress, and Temperature mechanics to my game. I also want to improve on the rules for Lighting, Culinary Proficiencies, Diseases, and Poisons, as I'm just not happy the way things currently work in AD&D 2nd edition. Hell, I wanna do a massive system overhaul of my favorite RPG system, but still keep the overall feel of the system intact.

Tuesday I'll post about the cooking system I've thought up. As this is a bit of a rant, I'll go ahead and pay the joesky tax.

Spices as Treasure(1d100 doses)

What is Found(1d30)
1-16: Salty
17-20: Bitter
21-24: Sour
25-28: Sweet
29-30: Umami

Quality & Value(1d30)
1-16: Common(1-6 cp/dose)
17-24: Uncommon(1-6 sp/dose)
25-28: Rare(1-6 gp/dose)
29-30: Very Rare(1-6 pp/dose)