Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Darkness

  I'm not much one for comic books or anything based on comics, primarily because it's always about good guys. However, prior to the crossover with batman(and the protagonist's decision to become a good guy), The Darkness is actually pretty good. The video games are also reasonably decent. While I prefer the art and voice acting for the first game, the sequel has given me . . . ideas(always dangerous).
  My big thought for today about shamelessly stealing from other sources stems from this. It made me think about maybe having goblins or kobolds having slaying a house cat(a dangerous animal by 1st level character standards) as a coming of age ritual, or maybe as a requirement for skilled goblin warriors to challenge the current chieftain for leadership.

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  1. Hello 2EDM,

    I don't know whether you are interested but I've posted my slightly modified version of AD&D and called it Version 2.6 since the black book editions and other rules supplements for AD&D is sometimes seen as version 2.5 (at least in my own mind).

    My site is called THACO DRAGON and I'm linked at Dragonsfoot.

    Regardless of my rules alterations you might find some of the Adventures I wrote useful. There is a link to them on the side column.

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    Although I don't have too much spare time on my hands I am slowly working on a new Oriental Adventure called The Temple of the Yellow Skulls.

    I also have heaps of other adventures jotted down in pencil that I hope to post - but I am usually too busy to do more than what I have done. My apologies for the lack of mapping. Hopefully the text illustrates exactly what needs to be drawn.

    It's great to see another 2nd Edition D&D website.

    All the Best,