Friday, July 22, 2011

2nd Edition: The Game You have (probably) never played, part 15

Very sorry about the wall of text yesterday. It kinda got away from me there.

  The last two kinds of movement discussed in the PHB are swimming and climbing.  Swimming can be kinda confusion. It mentions untrained and proficient. You have to read really closely to understand that when they are saying "proficient" they are NOT necessarily talking about the optional Non-weapon proficiency system(though that can be used as a default if those rules are used).
  Climbing is pretty simple. If you understand how to use thieving skills, you already know how to use the climbing movement. This section of the PHB provides more modifications(and a base rate for non-thief characters).
   The DMG talks first about mounts. Unlike in MMOs, mounts are not living cars that you feed, water, and get from point A to point B extremely fast. The benefit of a mount is that they let you carry more stuff. Using them to get from point A to point B fast is dangerous and can kill possibly kill the mount. Most vehicles are the same way, though a chariot is actually closer to what most players are looking for.
   Like chariots, Ocean voyaging is a fairly quick means of travel, with the obvious disadvantage being that there needs to be a body of water connecting point A and point B. Each type of ship has its own stats for travel and it is modified by weather conditions.
    The last mode of movement talked about is Aerial movement. Movement is exactly like walking and overland, but generally requires the DM to describe any tactical movement as there's no core set of rules to cover it.
    The last part of this chapter consists of discussing lost characters. This core rule is actually pretty cool. Without a guide, characters run a serious risk of getting lost. Given the recent discussion in the blogosphere on making NPCs matter, use of this core rule may help.

Next time: DM's miscellany

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