Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2nd Edition: The game you (probably) have never played, part 5

Chapter 9: Combat(part 1)

The DMG first goes over the attack roll. Seems kinda weird to me, but hey, it works I guess. It gives a list of standard modifiers to the attack roll. Next, the Combat Round is described, with the combat sequence:
  • The DM decides what actions the NPCs take.
  • The players indicate what their characters will do.
  • Initiative is determined.
  • Attacks are made in order of initiative.
Pretty standard to most groups I've ever played with.
Next comes initiative. Core 2nd edition AD&D initiative is one roll made for each side in the combat. Standard(core) modifiers are:
  • Hasted/Slowed
  • On Higher Ground
  • Set to receive a charge
  • Wading/slippery footing
  • Foreign Environment
  • Hindered
  • Waiting
  • Spellcasting
  Yup, that last one surprised me too. Unlike weapon speed, casting times are not considered optional.
  Another initiative thing that most groups I ever played with seemed to ignore was the initiative order of multiple attacks with the same weapon(such as a weapon specialist/high level warrior/ranged attack with multiple attacks per round). The second attack(and beyond) occur only AFTER everyone(including the NPCs) gets their first attack/action taken care of.

Next time: More combat

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