Monday, July 25, 2011

2nd Edition: The Game You have (probably) never played, part 18

DMG Appendix I: Treasure and Gem Tables
  For some reason, when I first got my DMG, these, along with the magic item charts were my favorites in the whole book. I didn't understand how to use them(not having an MM at the time), but having seen The Goonies, I knew that treasure is something everybody wants.
  As I got older though, I liked the charts less and less. I ended up going with various other systems, only ever really returning to these when I had to roll up a dragon hoard, and even then I didn't like doing it. sometime after this series is finished, I'm hoping to offer my treasure charts either as a normal blog post or over in the downloads section.
 One can say that Appendix I is divided into 3 parts. The first part being the intelligent monster lair treasure. Treasure of these types were A through I. Most of the time when rolling, you'll generate at least one type of treasure for your lair.
   The second part of the appendix is the treasure carried with intelligent creatures or strewn about the lairs of unintelligent creatures. You don't usually roll to see if you get treasure, just how much.
   The last part of Appendix I is the Gems and Art Objects. The Gem section is decent enough, allowing DMs to roll up gems, and even offering a variation so players don't know exactly how much any particular gem is worth without some form of specialist knowledge. The Art Objects however is kinda lackluster though. It's solely a chart determining value of the object. I understand that it's impossible to cover everything but come on, maybe a small table with a few ideas? This part was certainly not beginner DM friendly.

Next time: Appendices 2 and 3 of the DMG: Magic items for everybody!

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