Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2nd Edition: The Game you have (probably) Never Played, Part 20

     The two core books are done. The various rules gone over. I could have gone through with a fine tooth comb, but I'm not looking to turn my blog into the 2nd edition version of
   By and large, there were only a few "core" rules I didn't know about. As few as they are, they would still make a big impact on the game. Regardless, I still think the core game is less complicated than most give it credit for.
   In terms of game balance, I think the class to most get the shaft power wise is the wizard because of the initiative penalty caused by casting spells. Benefiting the most would be the fighter, he may be somewhat lackluster in terms of mechanics, but being able to use any weapon the party ever comes across without penalty is certainly a pretty huge advantage.
   The big question when I started this was, without the optional rules, is 2nd edition playable? I think the answer is most emphatically a yes, and it looks like it would be a pretty fun game to try out, or even play long term. I'll certainly be removing most of the optional rules I didn't know were optional when I next play.
    In closing, I'd like to just remind anyone looking to DM any version of D&D that every rule is optional. Like the Creed from a certain series of video games about assassins the rules do "not command us to be free. They command us to be wise."

  Not sure what I'll be posting next, a lot of really interesting things came up in the blog, blogosphere, my games, and on Dragonsfoot. Also stay tuned to the downloads section as I may begin posting more things to use for your own games.


  1. Thank you for this series of posts. I really enjoyed them. It made me reread my copies. (Though I must confess I have almost everything 2e from the CDs and eTools except Spelljammer.)

    As weird as it sounds, I thought the individual initiative was core in 2e. This changes a lot in the group I'm a part of now.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for reading. I enjoyed doing the series.