Saturday, July 9, 2011

2nd Edition: The game you (probably) have never played, part 6

Chapter 9: Combat(Continued)
  Last time I talked about attack rolls and initiative stuff for the most part. Here's where we get into the nitty gritty stuff.
  There are a lot of little rules scattered through the combat chapter that are technically core. They include:
  • Position of Attackers. Attackers get a +2 bonus to attack rolls when attacking from behind. Additionally, the defender does not get Dex bonus to their AC. Interestingly, the shield bonus DOES still count(the frontage rule for shields is optional).
  • Called shots. +1 initiative penalty, -4 attack roll penalty. Can't be used to blind, cripple, or maim.
  • 1/2 movement in combat and still able to make a melee attack. 
  • 1/2 movement rate and 1/2 normal Rate of Fire for ranged attacks.
  • Movement increases by 50% for a charging opponent. Charging character gets a +2 bonus to Attack rolls, -2 bonus to initiative rolls. Charging characters get no bonus from Dex to AC, and suffer an additional +1 penalty to AC.
  • Retreating takes the standard 2 forms, Withdrawing(and covering), and Fleeing. Like 3rd edition, fleeing causes an Attack of Opportunity.
  • Punching and wrestling requires the use of a chart. This is the ONLY time when a natural roll of 1 can still count as a hit. Additionally, the damage caused by the punch attack is determined by the attack roll itself.
  • Punching Damage is 25% lethal, 75% non-lethal. Wrestling damage is 1 + STR bonus. The damage gets a +1 cumulative bonus each round for holds. 
  • Overbearing is used to pin opponents. a single attack roll is made, modified by sizes.
  • Some weapons(mostly slashing weapons) can be used for non-lethal combat as well.
  • Touch spells require attack rolls. They also open the caster up for a world of hurt.
Next: even MORE Combat!(Ranged, and starting the various special attacks)

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