Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Halloween Game Teaser

I'll be posting a copy of my Halloween adventure notes on here probably by tomorrow in case other DMs wish to use it as well. Buuuuut, as a teaser to both readers and to instill a possible sense of dread in my players, here's the plot outline in as cryptic a manner as possible :D

Act I: Get your banjos
  • Scene 1: Southern Hospitality
  • Scene 2: If she weighs as much as a duck
  • Scene 3: Quick! Somebody call Samuel Jackson!
Act 2: Swamp Gas
  • Scene 1: Madmen tell the best bedtime stories
  • Scene 2: in search of weather balloons
  • Scene 3: Sloughing off the mortal coils
  • Scene 4: A full set of teeth
Act 3: This is what all those horror flicks prepared you for
  • Scene 1: Not a social call
  • Scene 2: With time so short I'll say so long, and go, so soon, goodbye
  • Scene 3: A journey of a thousand miles usually doesn't involve this much screaming.
  • Scene 4: Like you weren't expecting this?

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