Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paladin Class Revision, Part I

The paladin class is being broken down by alignment but here is the basic set-up for all Paladins

Ability Requirements: As standard for the PHB
Prime Requisites: As standard for the PHB
Races Allowed: Humans

A Paladin must choose between being a member of a Knightly Order or being a Knight-Errant at the time of character creation. A Paladin belonging to an order is subject to the dictates of the order, but gains access to additional wealth, contacts, hirelings, places to stay, etc. A Knight-Errant on the other hand has none of these things, but may found his own order in time.


Level 1:
- Immunities
- Enemy detection
- Saving throw bonuses
- Aura
- 1/day power
- Holy sword bonus
Level 3:
- Turn planar tied enemies.
Level 4:
- Quest for warhorse or planar servant
Level 9:
- Spellcasting
Level 10:
- Institutional Control

- Magic item limit
- Tithe and wealth limit
- Alignment restriction

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