Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Campaign: Session 2 report

The Characters(end of session stats):
Mujtahid Sayid:
CG Human Cleric(1), S: 14  D: 8 C: 13  Int: 12  Wis: 15  Cha: 10,  AC: 10(9 w/ shield, 8 vs. ranged), hp 6, Damage: 2d4/1d6+1(Morningstar), Languages: Common, Elf, Gnome; Religion: Southern(Al-Qadim)
Memorized Spells: Cure Light Wounds x2, Detect Magic
Wealth: 91 sp, 97 cp

CG Human Thief(1), S: 13  D: 15  C: 14  I: 12  W: 10  Cha: 8, AC: 7(Leather Armor + AC), hp 3,
Damage: 1d8/1d12(longsword), 1d4/1d4(sling)
PP: 25%  OL: 20%  F/RT: 20%  MvS: 20%  HiS: 15%  DN: 20%  CW: 60% RL: 0% Backstab: x2
Wealth: 3 sp, 9

Summary of Events:
    Sayid and Teyana make their way up Clattering Watch.  They find an old pile of wood that used to be a signal fire. After breaking apart the woodpile in search for a secret door into the rumored crypt beneath the hill, they instead take a look at the huge stone slab upon which the woodpile rests. They find that possibly the slab is set into an opening like a cork on a bottle. Teyana tries to see if she can chip away at the stone with her dagger, but instead succeeds only in breaking the dagger.
    Teyana returns to town while Sayid remains on the hill to continue seeing if he can in some way figure out how to in some way get the slab to move. Teyana first heads to the blacksmith that Sayid had sold his armor to in order to rent a mining pick. Instead she is told that she should probably wait til that evening and ask at the Fiery Knave(the tavern). She heads to the tavern, and chooses to be a tad impatient asking Toffel if he knows of anyone who could spare a pick(or at least someone she could rent a pick from). Toffel tells her that if she's desperate she could always try to convince a villager named Guppy.
     When Teyana finally finds Guppy it's revealed that he is a somewhat eccentric sculptor who seems to be having some trouble with St. Kelvin's monastery(he's making a sculpture for them, but it would seem that they keep bugging him about it). Guppy informs Teyana that Toffel sent her to him as a joke, as Guppy is a bit behind on his bar tab, and Toffel knew that he was busy with actual work. Guppy also tells Teyana that she probably needs to hire a few of the local quarrymen if they want to bust up some rock slab.
  So Teyana returns to the tavern to figure out how to hire some quarrymen. Having exhausted his very limited options, Sayid also returns to the Tavern. The two order a couple of ales, then give Toffel a few silver to act as a barker, to let the local quarrymen(who have a tendency to come to his establishment to drink after they finish their daily labor) know that the next day Sayid and Teyana will be looking to hire quarrymen for a job.
     With that the pair decide to head off to find the Jolly Arrow(the local inn) to find a room for the night.

At this point my future father-in-law had grown too tired to really continue, so we decided to call it a night. It also marks the greatest number of campaign sessions I've ever gone without some sort of combat taking place. Usually, by now, many of my previous players would have attempted to pick a fight somewhere.

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