Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cooking Part 1: Hunger

For this system I am using the Fatigue system from Combat & Tactics/Spells & Magic and the starvation system from Wilderness Survival Guide.
Every character has a Hunger Track:
- Overfed: -1 to initiative and surprise checks, as well as to saves to resist sleep effects. +1 to fatigue level.
- Well Fed: Potential Food Bonus for a period of time.
- Fed: Normal. No changes.
- Peckish: +1 to initiative and surprise checks. 
- Hungry: -1 to saves vs. mental affects.
- Famished: -1 to initiative and surprise checks, as well as all saving throws. +1 to fatigue level.

A character with a normal human metabolism goes down one category every hour while awake(1 every 2 while asleep). Additionally, a player can chose to go down category at any time to give himself an automatic success at some action. 
Hunger categories are regained by eating snacks and meals. A snack restores 1 level of hunger. A meal restores 1 level per size(light 1 step, avg 2 step, Hvy 3 step) but also provides immunity to hunger drain based on what was eaten.
The amount is determined by race:
- Human, Dwarf, Halfling, 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Orc: Snack: 1-2 portions. Meal: Lt: 3, Avg: 4, Hvy: 5+ portions
- Elf, Gnome: Snack: 1 portion. Meal: Lt: 2, Avg: 3, Hvy: 4+ portions
- Half Ogre: Snack: 2-5 portions. Meal: Lt: 6-7, Avg: 8-9, Hvy: 10+ portions

A ration as per that found in the PHB has 15 portions per day. All food is further divided into 5 categories: Grain, Protein, Dairy, Fruit, and Vegetables.

Thursday, I'll get into what more of this means, but I'm still trying to work things out for Carnivorous PCs.

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