Monday, May 9, 2011

Family Campaign Session 1 Report

The Characters(end of session stats):
Mujtahid Sayid:
CG Human Cleric(1), S: 14  D: 8 C: 13  Int: 12  Wis: 15  Cha: 10,  AC: 10(9 w/ shield, 8 vs. ranged), hp 6, Damage: 2d4/1d6+1(Morningstar), Languages: Common, Elf, Gnome; Religion: Southern(Al-Qadim)
Memorized Spells: Cure Light Wounds x2, Detect Magic
Wealth: 93 sp, 101 cp


CG Human Thief(1), S: 14  D: 8  C: 14  I: 12  W: 10  Cha: 8, AC: 7(Leather Armor + AC), hp 3,
Damage: 1d8/1d12(longsword), 1d4/1d3(dagger), 1d4/1d4(sling)
PP: 25%  OL: 20%  F/RT: 20%  MvS: 20%  HiS: 15%  DN: 20%  CW: 60% RL: 0% Backstab: x2
Wealth: 4 sp, 1 cp

Summary of Events:
The party made its way into St. Kelvin's Bridge, and after realizing the abbey was not going to be too friendly(wrong faith), they headed to the cheapest tavern in town, the Fiery Knave. The party finds out that the region has been mostly lawless for the last couple of decades, and that their are plenty of adventuring opportunities in the vicinity. They also meet with possible future hirelings, a part time group of mercenaries/bandits known as the Katsovoi Band, led by Jariko and Radalov Katsovoi, along with their 3 men Aden, Hale, and Soren.
  Realizing that they're flat broke and unable to hire skilled mercenaries with their handful of silver, the party decides to trade in Sayid's splint mail for some coin and a set of studded leather. Using the information they gained at the tavern and directions from the local smith, Sayid and Teyana head out to Clattering Watch to do some intelligence gathering before they hire the Katsovoi band to help them clear out and loot the rumored burial mound said to be beneath it. The session ended with them crossing the bridge over the Shadebrook on their way to do the recon.

Information/Rumors gained:
- The Bartender of the Fiery Knave, Toffel, is rumored to be selling a very valuable treasure discreetly to anyone not planning on staying in the area.
- The Clattering Watch is rumored to not be a natural hill, but a burial mound that nobody has found a way to get into yet.
- The Ruins of Bloodwall Keep lay a few hours hike to the east, and are believed to be haunted.
- The Caves of Chaos lay to the south and are a safe haven for goblinoids and other humanoids.
- Bandits and highwaymen, which are mostly out of work mercenaries and caravan guards, are a major problem in the region, operating mostly in small bands. It's possible their may even be rewards if they're cleared out.
- If the party is willing to travel, their are more adventuring and employment opportunities available the closer one gets to the North Sea Road.
- Sayid's Studded Leather Armor will be available in 3 days.

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