Friday, May 20, 2011

N/PC Friday: Wade Cottingtonsson

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Name: Wade Cottingtonsson
Race: Gnoll
Class: Fighter(Ranger, but special, see below)  Level: 3

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 4    Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 7’4”/340 pounds
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Very furry/Red/Not sure
Distinguishing Feature: Dresses in halfling fashion, modified for height, and usually in disrepair

Ability Scores:
Strength: 16
Constitutio3: 15
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 6

Movement: 12

Savings Throws:
Poison, Paralyzation, & Death Magic: 13
Rods, Staves, & Wands: 15
Petrification & Polymorph: 14
Breath Weapon: 16
Spell: 16

Armor Class:10
Hit Points: 26
THAC0: 18

Damage:Battle Axe(1d8)

Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Dry Rations(Enough to last a normal person a month, but because of Wade's upbringing, it will only last him a couple of days),Very tattered heavy cloak, Medallion with what Wade believes is a white wolf's head(actually a mottled hyena head, and holy symbol of Gorellik)

Languages: Common, Gnoll, Halfling

  Wade's Pack was put to the sword when he was just a whelp by a band of the local lord's men. He remembers little of what happened then, but what dim recollections he does have are bad enough that he doesn't talk about them. After managing to escape the slaughter of his kin, the young Wade managed to stumble into the path of the lord's hunting dogs. Luck was with Wade, and the Kennel Master, an elderly Halfling named Cottington, asked Lord Braemyr if he could raise the Young Gnoll  as one of the hunting dogs. Intrigued by the idea, the lord allowed this, and Wade was then taught to speak and hunt in "human" fashion. Wade excelled at hunting with the dogs, and in time became the assistant Kennel Keeper. He loved Cottington like a father, and Cottington loved him like the son he never had.
  A local orc shaman in the area united the tribes, and sought an ancient artifact in the lands of the wizard, Lord Braemyr. The attack was sudden, completely without warning. Only Lord Braemyr, two hunting dogs, and Wade survived the night. The orcs ravaged the village, and after believing it to be empty, continued on. Wade blamed Braemyr for Cottington's death and slew the wizard in his sleep. With the two dogs at his side, Wade left the burned out husk of his home to track the orcs that had slain his adopted father.
  Wade tracked the massive tribe through the snowy forest, following mercilessly, but never seeming to catch up. For 3 months the Gnoll had followed the tribe as it plundered and slaughtered its way, every wary to avoid being seen by villagers. As Wade and the hounds entered the mountains, a fierce blizzard arose, forcing the trio to find shelter. When it was finally over, only the strongest of the two hounds(a wolfdog named Bloodfang) and Wade had survived. The trail of the orcish horde had been lost.
     With a howl of grief and rage, Wade and Bloodfang finally broke down and mourned their family. After two days alone on the snow covered mountainside, and after bringing down a bear for food, the pair set off in the last direction Wade last remember's seeing a sign of a town. Perhaps the orcs would be known to the locals?
     Since then, Wade's dreams have been plagued by images of a primal form, Gorellik, the ancient and fallen god of the Gnolls whose worship has been supplanted by the demon Yeenoghu. Wade has tentatively cast his lot with the savage god, who has in turn granted Wade some of the abilities of the ranger class(tracking, stealth, and species enemy[Orcs AND Yeenoghu worshipping Gnolls]). In time, Gorellik may grant more.

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