Monday, December 6, 2010

Upcoming Events for Thac0 forever!

If I fail to keep up with my daily posting over the next couple of weeks, it's probably for one of the following reasons:

  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has been released, and I'm wanting to explore and possibly get in a few decent posts on my other blog, Lok'Tar Ogar! For the Horde since I've been ignoring it since April.
  • I'm continuing work on the World Building/Economics series of posts, but I'm at a slightly more in depth section that requires a bit more work(especially since blogger keeps cutting off parts of my posts because of space). As such, I'm also working on a pdf version of the posts, and will be offering it for download on this blog. This probably wont occur until mid-January. Don't worry folks, the pdf will be free.
  • Working on a series of posts for after this current one is finished. I'm thinking I've been keeping the blog a little to system neutral for a blog about 2nd edition, but I don't want to go too system heavy since I know most of my readership doesn't play it. I'm currently considering doing some work involving a Dark Sun series of articles(sans Prism Pentad and using the original boxed set rules as opposed to revised).
  • Hoping to start on finally getting things done for the move from East Coast USA to Southeast Australia. So much work still needs doing!
If there's anything about 2nd edition anyone wants to hear more about, or if anyone has questions, click the little comment button and tell me about it!  I do plan to keep up as frequent a posting schedule as I can manage, but just wanted to give a heads up in case I suddenly miss a week or something.

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