Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally! A Map!

1) Avery
2) Bremorn
3) Caer Bran
4) Caer Brenik
5) Caradon
6) Geirstow
7) Kerrow
8) Lydden
9) Madern
10) Redbrooke
11) Trelowarren
12) Westgill

Campaign Report: Last night, the party began the task of turning her run-down utterly broke manor into something more than a starving group of people unwilling to leave because they have nowhere to go. A few of the NPCs finally acquired names, and the characters are actually going out looking for adventure. We haven't had any combats yet, but that will probably be remedied next session when the Heroes of Redbrooke attempt to go rob ancient graves in the barrows to inject some much needed capital into their manor.

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