Friday, September 18, 2009

Cleric Class Revisions

The cleric class always bugged me as it was presented in the PHB. I've always felt that as written, it was just a Paladin for those characters without the ability scores to qualify. As such, I've altered the class so it doesn't so totally overlap. Tomorrow I'll be rewriting the Paladin Class to fit better. I may be rewriting these as kits later on.

The Military arm of a pantheistic faith.
AB Requirements: Str 9 Con 9 Wis 9
HD: d8
Thac0: As Priest
Weapons: Any weapons appropriate to the Religion's dominant ethos.
Armor: Any armor or shield
Spells: As standard Cleric

Miracle Worker:
These are the Local villagers and shamen who, through piety, training by village elders, or merely by accident of birth find themselves able to commune with the spirits/gods for the benefit of the village.
AB Requirements: Wis 9
HD: d6
Thac0: As Priest
Weapons: Any weapon appropriate to the religion's dominant ethos and the cleric's culture.
Armor:Up to studded leather and Shield
Spells:May boost one of their spells by 1d4 casting levels(a 1st level cleric would be able to cast a spell and function like a 2-5th lvl cleric for that one spell) 1/day and +1/day for every 3 levels(1/day at first, 2/day at 3rd, 3/day at 6th, etc). Instead of using this for a spell, the miracle worker may instead use this boost for undead/demon turning.

Monastic Scholar:
AB Requirements: Int 9 Wis 9
HD: d4
Thac0: As wizard
Weapons: Limited to simple weapons like a wizard within the ethos of his religion.
Armor: No Armor
Spells: gains an additional spell slot per every 3 levels+1 at first that may be used for any level of spell they can cast and an ability similar to Bardic Knowledge(5% per level) but only in relation to objects of significance to his/her religion.

Specialty Priests:
Specialty priests are those dedicated to the teachings of a deity as opposed to the teachings of a religion. Often a specialty priest tries to emulate his deity in his actions.
AB Requirements: By Deity
HD: By Deity
Thac0: By Deity
Weapons: By Deity
Armor: By Deity
Spells: By Deity

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