Friday, September 4, 2009

General Call

Just so you know, I AM looking for people for the PBP game. Even if you've never played any edition of D&D before I'd be glad to have you along. Already have 1 player, just looking for 2 to 9 more people. It will probably be a play-by-post(I'll be setting up a forum for use as soon as I find at least 2-3 players beyond the one I already have), though if we have only a handful of players, and we can all get our schedules straight, a few sessions might occur over skype or something similar(assuming we all have mics). Everyone will be starting off as a 0 level character.

The 3 human cultures present in the valley are Imperial, Valley, and Barbarian. The Imperials are similar to a cross between Saxon and Norman Nobility from england between the years 1000-1100. The Valley folk are similar to a cross between the Cornish and the Welsh. The Barbarians are similar to barbarians from pulp fiction such as Conan. The 3 player allowed elven cultures are Wood(Elves who stick to the deep woods living in perfect harmony with nature), Grey(Magically gifted elves who live in mountain fortress cities where they hold themselves superior to all other humanoid races), and High(Meadow Elves who have sought to co-exist with the other races, trying to act as teachers and mediators). The Dwarven Cultures allowed for play are Hill(Dwarves who live in the wooded hills of the valley as miners, lumberjacks, and trappers), Mountain(The greatest miners, smiths, and gem crafters), and Sundered(The rare dwarves who forsake normal dwarven culture and live in human society). The Gnome Cultures allowed are Rock(Gnomes who tend to be more like Hill Dwarves, but with greater emphasis on Mushroom farming) and Forest(Gnomes of the woodlands who are often friends with the High Elves). The Major Halfling(Hobbit/Hin) cultures are Hairfoot(Halflings who live in the normal manorial system alongside the humans), Stout(A hardy breed who live alongside the Hill Dwarves and Rock Gnomes), and the Tallfellow(Halflings who live in the woodlands in a manner similar to Elves). There are also 3 Half-breed races; Half Elves, Half Ogres, and Half Orcs. These three races do not usually form communities of their own, instead following in the footsteps of one of their parent cultures.
The section where the game is going to start is in a foothill region in the Northern part of the valley, on the very outskirts of the kingdom. Racial tension is a major issue; people wishing to play Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Barbarians, or Halfbreeds should expect a certain amount of ill will towards them because of the roles each race(or parent race) has played in the past and the superstitions of the local peasants. I'll work out actual stats and the like with each player. but for the most part, everyone is starting at racial minimums with 3 hit points total(no Constitution score penalty as you don't actually have a Hit Die yet). Additionally, the only racial skills you start off with are(where applicable): Infravison, Saving throw bonuses/resistances, AC bonuses, etc. Detection and Combat abilities are learned, and you do not start with them.

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  1. im having a hard time getting back into D&D because of the lack of 2E DMs available. ive found 4E games... but its just not the same. s, two questions:
    are you still running PBP games?
    and if so, how do i join?
    i like what ive read on your blog and would love to see your DM skills in action.