Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Heroes of Redbrooke

Tonight, I get to run a second edition game for the first time in almost 6 years. My lovely SO is playing the party of characters in the setting I've been working on. The characters in the group are:

  • Dame Aeldreda of Redbrooke: LG Human(Imperial) Fighter(Noble Warrior)
  • Lady Isla of Serisia: TN Human(Mixed) Mage(Patrician)
  • Brother Derfel: NG Human(Mixed) Cleric(Prophet)
  • Sally: TN Halfling Thief(Burglar)
Dame Aeldreda is a newly dubbed knight who has just received her spurs from Baron Aldwic. Rather than waiting for nobles above him to grant him the rights to settle more land, and to deal with a negligent vassal of his own, Baron Aldwic has placed Aeldreda in charge of the village of Redbrooke, granting her full manorial rights to the village as his vassal. From her travels as a squire to various other knights(few would ever consider a woman worthy of knighthood), Dame Aeldreda had met the ex-imperial college mage Isla. In their group heading to Redbrooke, is a monk who claims to receive visions from the gods. Rather than having him ranting on the streets, and not wanting to take the chance of killing an actual messenger of the gods, the Reformist Church(the dominant religion of the valley) has chosen to send the wayward monk, Brother Derfel, out to the frontier that is Redbrooke. The last member of the group, having been summoned from Redbrooke itself, Sally, to escort the new Lady to her lands.

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