Friday, September 4, 2009

A work in progress

Currently working on a campaign setting that I hope to start a play by post campaign for.
The starting area will be a minor barony set in the foothills of a valley of a recently independent kingdom. The 2 major nations in the area are "The Kingdom/Valley" and "The Empire."
The Valley gained independence from the Empire 10 years prior, during a particularly bloody, decade long war sparked by imperial greed and the fact that the Count(who is now King) was harboring a wizard who violated the strict laws of Wizardry. The starting area is a fairly standard 10th-12th century-esque campaign setting, with the vast majority of humans living as serfs on various manors. This particular barony happens to have 12 manorial fiefs(including that of the Baron himself). Baron Aldwic rules roughly 19,400 acres(a little over 30 square miles) from the castle Caer Brenik. He rules over a population of roughly 2,300 people, dwelling in 12 manorial villages, and 1 castle-town. Every freeman farmer is required, by law, in return for their land to be part of the local law enforcement, and to function as soldiers in times of war. The end result is roughly 47 yeomen, in addition to his normal 11 feudal vassals, to guard the barony. To the northwest of the Barony are the Shield mountains. Northeast about 15 miles of the barony is a small village of Hill Dwarves. To the south(3-4 miles), along one of the rivers that flows through the fief is a Barbarian encampment, where they spend their winters. about 5 miles southeast of the fief is a marsh, which is home to numerous lizardfolk settlements. More to come in future posts.

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