Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fighter Class revisions

It seems to me that fighters tend to get the shaft in 2nd edition. most people tend to choose ranger or paladin for the extra perks if they can qualify. As such, in my campaigns, I've instituted the following revisions.

- Only Fighters get to use the multiple attacks/round table
- A fighter may choose a secondary prerequisite(he doesn't have to, but he may). Having a score of 16 plus in this ability grants him an additional power:

Strength: Able to use weapons that are larger than his size category would allow(1 size category difference), without penalty.
Dexterity: -1 AC bonus while not wearing any armor heavier than studded leather and carrying no greater than a light load
Constitution: +1 hp per hit die.
Intelligence: After studying an opponent for 2 rounds, they gain a +1 to attack rolls against that foe for up to 1 day per level of fighter - hit dice or level of foe(minimum of 1 day).
Wisdom: +1d4 damage each time a natural 20 is rolled on an attack roll
Charisma: Any round in which the fighter may show off his fighting skills(either a non attack action where he shows off a weapon kata like in a martial arts movie or rolling a natural 20 on an attack roll), all foes who see the fighter perform this action must make a successful save vs. paralyzation or be under the effects of a scare spell

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